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The Sculptor’s Congress


The International Congress on Monumental Sculpture has been a place of professional reflection where artists, professionals and other mediating agents can, in a practical and accessible way, exchange knowledge and experiences linked to different artistic approaches.

In this first edition, the theme of the congress hasn’t been attached to any specific topic, which will be the case in subsequent editions. This time it is about presenting a subject as exciting as it is controversial, and that is recovering its relevance thanks to the work of great figures, many of them controversial, who have started to conquer the public space, either temporarily or definitively. Many of these pieces have earned their permanence due to public enthusiasm and ideal adaptation to a spatial or historical context.

The International Congress of Monumental Sculpture is aimed at sculptors, researchers, teachers and any other person interested and/or linked to the field of visual arts who wishes to look deeper into the forms and techniques of expression linked to 21st-century monumental sculpture.

Attendees can enjoy papers presented by artists of recognized prestige based on their professional experience, as well as participate in the subsequent debates based on open discussion.

The programme of this first edition has been a practical approach, looking for a professional exchange of experiences and the creation of lines of tutelage that will help the younger sculptors to gain greater perspective for their work projects as well as the most expert ones to confront their positions. One of the important issues to be discussed will involve awareness of the importance of monumental sculpture in its formative and testimonial dimension. And that is why engaging reflections will be generated on concepts such as visual culture and its various actors.


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ALMA 2019 International Congress on Monumental Sculpture

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Museo de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Josep Mas i Dordal


Left: Moderators of the scientific committee Dra. Rodriguez-Samaniego and Dr. J. Egea. In the middle: Opening conference by Antonio López. Right: Julio Vaquero

Julio Vaquero during his speech

Julio Vaquero

The major of Almacellas, Josep Ibarz, Antonio López and Dr. Jorge Egea

Antonio López interviewed by TV3 during the coffee break

Moderators Dr. Rodriguez-Samaniego and Dr. Jorge Egea

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